Thomas teaches regular workshops in Movement, Contemporary Dance, Contact-Improvisation and The Feldenkrais Method™. 
His highly dynamic somatic-informed teaching focusses on empowering students through providing an environment for creative experiment, shared discovery, and personal growth.


Teaching Feedback

‘Thomas is one of the finest teachers I have come across. His talent in developing bodily awareness and qualitative sensitivity in movement of the whole body initiated from within the core is remarkable. As a lecturer he exemplifies, disciplined consistency of approach and demands high standards in theory, choreographic learning, and performance.Dr. Jacqueline Smith Autard Ph.D. (Author of Dance Composition and The Art of Dance in Education)

‘Thomas Kampe is an exceptional teacher. His ground-breaking work with The Feldenkrais Method feeds into contemporary dance with great effect. His work is current and innovative. Lizzy Lequesne (choreographer/writer)

Thomas is an outstanding and highly skilled somatic teacher of international standing and high repute. It has been a great pleasure and privilege to work with and learn from Thomas, not only for the above-cited reasons, but also because, as many students have told me over the years, their experience of working with him has quite simply changed their lives for the better’. Helen Spackman ( Lecturer/Performer)

‘I had the opportunity to be Thomas Kampe's student for three years. His endless dedication and his energy, enthusiasm and love for movement are highly contagious. I acquired a deep sense of body awareness and I felt simultaneously challenged and supported, which allowed me to progress in a surprisingly fast and solid manner. Rather than giving me answers, Kampe encouraged me to ask the right questions; I feel I was injected with the right amount of tools and curiosity to be able to train myself from now on, both physically and creatively, and to continue the challenging and exciting journey of movement research.’  Catarina Moreno (Performer)

‘I know Thomas as an excellent and thoughtful educator. His skills, his knowledge and his teaching support are brilliant and have been highly beneficial to me”.
Sabine Fichter (Director of  BA Dance Program Academia  de’ll Arte, Arezzo)

‘I was struck by Thomas Kampe's insight into the current culture of the performing arts, his engagement with the latest debates as well as his detailed understanding of the history of contemporary dance. Mentoring individual students, he has the ability and sensitivity to extend their potential as dance artists and bring new questioning and insight into their own work. He has the ability to teach and nurture future or established artists at all stages of their careers and his generosity appears to be reflected in his positive and trusting relationship with his students.” Stefanie Schober (Southbank Centre Choreographer in Residence)